The Holocaust Was Real

The Holocaust really happened. It was genocide, perpetrated by Nazi Germany, against Jews and other groups the Third Reich deemed inferior. Anti-semites, though, try to deny it, presenting all manner of ridiculous arguments that the Shoah is fiction. Time to set ‘em straight, one poke at a time:

This site doesn’t document the history. That’s been done by lots of historians far more qualified than us. This site exists for one purpose: Show how utterly ridiculous the Holocaust deniers really are. Because yes, deniers are evil. They also happen to be catastrophically stupid douchebags.

Note: I make a lot of jokes on this site. I’m not being insensitive. It’s how I control rage. I also get very clinical at times, analyzing some pretty horrible photos. It reads like it was easy. It wasn’t.

On this site, I provide various examples of moronic arguments, then tear them to tiny shreds. I don’t link to or cite the sources.

I’m not ripping them off. I am ensuring I don’t help them rank higher in Google/Bing search results. Citations and links can sometimes act as “votes,” providing authority to a website. That then helps the website rank higher.

I don’t want that. Of course, if you’re a hate site and want to file a DMCA complaint against me, please, by all means. Then you can state how your writing is a protected work of fiction… Wait.