I spend a lot of time perusing Holocaust denier websites. I have to. This site debunks their claims. Most of those claims are so asinine I could never come up with them. I depend on denier insanity for my content.

Today, I came across a particularly juicy one: The gas chambers were actually air-raid shelters, not killing rooms.

Okaaaaaayyyy. I’m going to play along for a second.

The Nazis built the gas chamb- er, air raid shelters. If I were going to do that, I’d protect my troops, first. That means building the shelters:

  • Near the troops
  • Large enough to house the troops
  • To withstand sustained bombing

Got it.

If I paid for the “air raid shelters” at Birkenau and elsewhere, I want my goddamn money back.

The gas chambers were built about a kilometer away from the guard barracks. That’s a long way to run while you’re getting strafed and bombed. I’m sure the Allied pilots in P51s wouldn’t have complained about hordes of Nazis running across an open field in their underwear. In fact, maybe they drew up the blueprints. But if I were a German commander, I’d be pretty pissed.

The gas chambers were too small

There were 7,000 guards at Auschwitz. If you wanted to kill the occupants, the gas chambers fit 500+ people. If you wanted to kill them. Auschwitz had eight gas chambers. They could hold, maximum, 4,000 victims. I guess the troops drew straws? Or maybe the Nazis knew a lot of their troops would die during the Strafing Marathon (see above).

The gas chambers were the worst-designed air raid shelters ever.

First, the doors were locked and sealed from the outside. In an air raid, some poor bastard would have to stand outside and lock the door. After the air raid, the equally poor bastards inside would have to, what, wait for survivors to let them out…?

I know, maybe they had a key or something. Still, why lock them from the outside? As a practical joke? “Hey, tell Fredrich there’s an air raid. Then we can lock him in the shelter hahahahah.”

Second, the doors had little peepholes. The peepholes were covered with a little metal grating to keep the glass from shattering. The grating was on the inside. Imagine trying to use a peephole when you can’t put your eye up to it. Yep. The grating was there to keep the people inside from shattering the glass.

No more words

I can’t dignify this argument with any more words. The gas chambers would’ve been better green houses than air raid shelters.