If the Holocaust wasn’t real, why is it that no Nazi has ever denied it? Not one. Nada. Zip.

Deniers love to argue that the Allies tortured Nazis into confessing their participation in The Holocaust.


That means that all these people went to trial (and many to execution) without once shouting “It’s a LIE!!!!” The hundreds and thousands of Nazi troops captured were also kept silent.

“Of course they did,” Holocaust deniers will say, “it’s a conspiracy!!”

A successful conspiracy to keep 30+ leaders, all on trial for their lives, from arguing “we didn’t do it!” A successful conspiracy to silence thousands of captured Nazi troops.

Um. No.

The Nazis couldn’t shut up about how wonderful their new world order was going to be. The Holocaust was no exception. At trial, the accused gave detailed, clinical descriptions of how it all worked. Every one of them talked about it, described it and agreed that it happened.

Some tried excuses like “I was just following orders.”

None said “It never happened.”

Not one.

More Math

I bet most Holocaust deniers think the Apollo moon landings were a hoax, too. If it were, you’d need over 400,000 people cooperating to keep it quiet. The conspiracy would fall apart in less than four years.

The Holocaust directly involved millions of people. Millions. Soldiers, prisoners, and observers of all kinds saw the concentration camps, the gas chambers, and the ovens. To successfully fake the Shoah, all of those people would have to keep their mouths shut.

“Wait,” the deniers protest, “You dirty Zionist conspirators say there were millions. We know that’s a lie. There were less than a million!”

OK, whatever. It’s impossible for a million people to maintain a hoax for more than three years. It’s been 70 years. What the hell did we do? Put chips in everyone’s heads? Kill them all and replace them with fembots (or menbots)?

Also: How the f–k would you get Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, and Germans to work together on the hoax? They all hated each other almost as much as they hated the Jews. Not gonna happen.

I Shake My Head

This is the eighth post I’ve written. I figured I’d get acclimated to the jaw-dropping idiocy of the deniers. So far, no dice. The more I read, the more I gotta wonder: Did any of these people go to school? Did you learn math? Science? To read?

At least come up with better stories, will ya?

If you want to better arm yourself against Holocaust deniers, read Tim O’Neill’s excellent Quora answer on the subject.