This piece was an experiment. I wanted to use the Holocaust deniers’ method of avoiding facts, instead making ambiguous statements and hand-waving generalization. I failed. I used real numbers, and got an immediate ‘F’ in pseudo history 101. Alas. See Wikipedia for the data below, and also the sources they cite.

Holocaust deniers love to argue that genocide of eleven million people (six million jews, five million others) in six years was impossible.

History Begs to Differ

First, consider the utter historical stupidity of the argument:

Between 1347 and 1352, some unassisted germs killed 25 million people. The Black Death rampaged through Europe without any help from modern industry.

The Khmer Rouge killed 2.2 million, mostly by torturing, shooting, and starving them.

The Mongols killed at least 40 million people by riding horses around Europe and China and shooting and chopping people. No machines. No modern methods. And no diseases to help them out.

The Holocaust, sadly, is far from the largest mass human death event. It’s horrific because of the method and motive.

The Nazis Were Very Industrious

More important, the Nazis were completely capable of extermination at scale. Take a look at what they managed to do when they put their minds to it:

  • Killed 8.7 million Soviet soldiers in four years
  • Fielded an army of 13 million soldiers
  • Lost 10 million of them during WW2 (2 million dead, 3 million missing, 5 million wounded)
  • Built 49,000 tanks
  • Built 94,000 airplanes for God’s sake. Ninety. Four. Thousand. Airplanes. The US built 300,000, by the way, thereby proving the Nazis were pikers.
  • Built one million machine guns…

I’ll stop. Go ahead and argue with my numbers. Say they only produced, oh, 30,000 tanks, and killed a mere 5 million Soviet soldiers in four years. It does’t matter. Any modern nation capable of warring against, essentially, the entire Western World is certainly capable of unparalleled mass killing.

Deliberately, methodically killing 11 million people isn’t even a stretch.

If you still want to deny the Holocaust happened, find a new argument.