Is the Holocaust real? Deniers say, “No. No way the Germans could have gotten rid of six million bodies. There’d be corpses stacked a mile high.”

Weeeelllll not quite.

1.1 million people died at a single camp: Auschwitz. To enable disposal, the Nazis built:

  • Two double-muffle coke-fired furnaces in 1941 and 42. That’s six ovens, total.
  • Four more in the summer of 1942, with at least 10-15 ovens each.

By the way, not a single Nazi denied this.

Conservatively—VERY conservatively—between all of these, the Nazis had over 50 ovens.

These ovens burned at 1500+ degrees. Together, they could consume 4756 bodies per day see

Deniers claim the ovens could burn 1000 per day.


The total registered population of Auschwitz-Birkenau, in 1942, was under 30,000.

Using the deniers’ numbers, that means the Nazis built enough cremation capacity to incernate the entire camp population in a month—even according to deniers’ ridiculous numbers—every month. Why the hell would they do that?

The deniers claim, “Because typhus!”

They argue that a typhus epidemic ripped through the camps in 1942. So the Nazis built these crematoria to handle typhus victims.

Typhus is nasty. These days, worst case, it is 20% fatal. Among malnourished prisoners, it’d be worse, but not 100%.

Building Crematoria During Wartime?

Holocaust deniers are trying to tell us that: During a war in which they needed every scrap of metal, concrete, and any other building material, for military applications, Nazi Germany squandered precious resources to cremate disease victims. They overbuilt to the point where they could burn the entire camp population every month.

As bat-shit crazy as the Third Reich was, they wouldn’t have used those kinds of resources to cremate 30,000 people. Clearly, those crematoria were built for a larger purpose: Cremation of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bodies.

The Numbers Add Up

The next argument Holocaust deniers make: The crematoria couldn’t handle that many bodies.

This one’s easy (every time I research a denier claim, I realize they can’t do math):

During its entire existence, Auschwitz processed at least 1.3 million prisoners(just Auschwitz. 1.1 million were killed: 200,000 registered, and 900,000 who were immediately killed and cremated. See Dr. Franciszek Piper’s research.

At 30,000 per month, it would’ve taken 36 months to cremate 1.1 million bodies. Auschwitz did its grisly business over for over 4 years. Clearly, they could handle the numbers.

Where the Ashes Went

Finally, Holocaust deniers say, “If the Holocaust were real, where’d they put the ashes?”

There was a lot of ash. A single person’s ashes amounted to about 1 cubic inch of ash per pound. 1.1 million corpses with an average weight of 100 pounds would produce 110 million cubic inches of ash.

For perspective: Mount St. Helens produced about 1.4 billion cubic yards. While 110 million cubic inches sounds like an enormous number, Mother Nature kicks its ass.

Here’s how the Nazis did it:

  1. They got prisoners to dump the ashes through grates and crush them into powder
  2. Or spray the ashes down with water for the same purpose
  3. Then the prisoners would dump the ash all over the place: In the Sola and Vistula rivers, in ponds, in gullies, as fertilizer on fields

And yeah, it was messy. “The grounds and forest around Auschwitz was ankle-deep with ash, deposited like rain by the giant brick chimneys of the crematoria. Gullies, ditches and ponds, used as dumping grounds for crematoria waste, were clogged thick with ash and bone fragments.” Auschwitz - Alpha History

The Holocaust Was Real. Stop Denying It.

Or at least, find better arguments. The Nazis nearly conquered all Europe. They built the first jets. They created rocket planes. Suggesting they couldn’t handle mass cremation is laughable. And easy to disprove.